Video CX

Revolutionize Customer Interaction!

Every interaction tailored to meet your need.

Maximize efficiency, Strengthen bonds

Improve your performance metrics

Empowered support at Critical moments

We deliver enhanced care and support

Beyond the Screen:

We employ advanced analytics and AI-driven tools to analyze customer interactions with your video content. This includes assessing engagement, drop-off points, and sentiment analysis.

Our systems are designed to provide real-time monitoring of video engagement. This means you can track how viewers are responding to your content as they watch it.

We conduct A/B testing to determine which aspects of your videos are resonating with your audience and which ones need improvement.

Visualize viewer engagement with heatmaps and click tracking to identify the most and least engaging parts of your videos.

We Offer

Armed with insights, you can create video content that resonates with your audience, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates.

Tailor your video content to individual preferences based on their interaction history, delivering a more personalized experience.

Optimize your video player’s interface based on user feedback to enhance usability and satisfaction.

Understand how videos fit into the customer journey and make data-driven decisions to improve that journey.

Gain a competitive edge by creating video content that captures and retains viewer attention.

It’s trending!

Visual content plays a pivotal role in customer engagement, understanding the customer’s video experience is paramount. From healthcare for virtual consultations to IT for real-time problem-solving and retail for immersive product demonstrations, Video CX is setting new standards in customer engagement and service.

Video CX is increasingly sought after across various industries for its ability to create more personal and effective customer interactions. rebootXP offers a cutting-edge Video CX service that transcends the surface to reveal deep insights into customer interactions. With our Video CX service, you can see beyond the screen and truly understand the experience your customers are having.

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Revolutionize Customer Interaction!

Video CX transforms your customer care approach, offering live video consultations, efficient screen sharing for IT solutions, and remote product support streaming. Tailor every interaction to meet the unique needs of each customer, enhancing their experience and your brand’s impact.

Maximize efficiency, Strengthen bonds

With Video CX, experience seamless channel transitions, accelerated issue resolution, and stronger customer connections. This service is designed to improve your performance metrics significantly, making every interaction more effective and meaningful.


Empowered support at Critical moments

Video CX provides dynamic, real-time solutions, offering the right level of support exactly when it’s needed. Our technology empowers your business to deliver enhanced care and support, ensuring every customer interaction is effective and impactful.