Future Skilling

The rebootXP Skill Canvas

The rebootXP Skill Canvas” serves as a learning and development initiative that empowers rebooter’s to become ‘Future-Ready,’ evolving into the next cohort of adept and business-ready associates. The upskilling initiative encompasses a spectrum of programs, including Leadership, Technical, Functional, Domain, and Role-specific skill enhancements.

Ongoing workshops focusing on refining communication skills, including impactful dialogue delivery, conflict resolution techniques, and tone modulation for a positive customer experience.

 A program dedicated to elevating customer interactions through advanced communication, active listening, and problem-solving strategies, ensuring exceptional customer service delivery.

Training sessions dedicated to in-depth knowledge about products/services offered, ensuring employees are well-equipped to handle customer inquiries.

Training modules tailored to nurture leadership qualities among team leaders and managers, emphasizing effective team collaboration and leadership development.

Training sessions focused on time management, task prioritization, and workload optimization to manage high call volumes efficiently.

Training on using call Centre tools, CRM systems, and other relevant technology to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Education on legal and regulatory compliance standards specific to the industry, ensuring employees adhere to necessary guidelines.

Programs focusing on optimizing time, managing workload, and prioritizing tasks effectively to handle high call volumes efficiently.

Programs to enhance language skills and promote cultural sensitivity when dealing with diverse customers or team members.

A platform encouraging a culture of ongoing learning, offering access to diverse resources, seminars, and upskilling opportunities to foster personal and professional growth among employees.

Our RPO services streamline the recruitment process, reducing time-to-hire and minimizing costs.

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