How rebootxp recruits

At rebootXP, we prioritize recruiting top-tier talents to join our team, emphasizing a staunch commitment to data security and safeguarding your personally identifiable information (“PII”). PII encompasses data that can uniquely identify individuals, traditionally including identity numbers, addresses, and contact details. However, advancements in technology have broadened the scope to incorporate information like IP addresses, login credentials, and social media content.

To ensure a secure recruitment process, here are crucial points to note:

1. We will NEVER solicit money, prepayments, or bank account details during the employment application.
2. Initial applications will NOT require disclosure of state or national identity numbers (e.g., SSN or passport) or birth dates. Identity verification and work authorization will occur through official rebootxp channels, not via chat.
3. Interviews will NEVER be conducted through text chat on external platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. All chat interactions will take place exclusively through rebootXP's internal chat system, accessible on our official website at This internal chat is solely used by our in-house recruiters, and we do not advertise jobs on platforms like Freelancer or Guru.

To report any suspected fraudulent activity, please use the provided button.

Our Process

Understanding our recruitment process is vital to safeguard against rising online scams where individuals may impersonate rebootXP. Typically, scammers misuse a company’s identity to post fake job listings or conduct sham interviews to collect personal information or request funds under false pretenses.

Here are specific clues to identify and avoid online recruiting scams:

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Here are specific clues to identify and avoid online recruiting scams:

  1. rebootXP will never request financial information or payments during the application process.
  2. We do not demand financial or sensitive details, such as credit card information, for employment consideration. Requests for payments, equipment fees, or deposits are not legitimate and indicate a scam.
  3. PII like Social Security/UIDAI numbers or date of birth are not required in initial applications. Proof of identity and authorization is handled exclusively through official rebootXP channels, not chat platforms.


  • rebootXP engages a limited number of third-party staffing firms.
  • Contact from third-party sources or chats on platforms like Google Hangouts, Telegram, or WhatsApp claiming to represent rebootXP should be treated cautiously. Applying through the official website of such third parties is recommended.
  • Reporting fraudulent activity is encouraged, but please only provide your name and email address. We do not request further PII in your report, and we may request specific documentation for investigation purposes. Ensure any submitted documentation is devoid of sensitive information.

rebootXP remains dedicated to combatting fraudulent activities in online recruiting and appreciates your cooperation in maintaining a secure recruitment environment.